11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part II)

As the previously part mentioned, some more situations will be discussed in the next section of the article.

11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part II)
11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part II)
  1. If your child is jealous, the reason might be you compared them with others consistently

Comparing your children with others consistently will make them feel inferior the others then ignore their strength point and focus on others strength point. That is wastage your children’s gifted and make them be jealous.

  1. If your child gets angry quickly, the reason might be you have not praised them enough. They only get attention misbehaving

Paying attention on misbehaving and ignore your children’s achievements is the main reason which make your children gets angry quickly because they will feel not to be treated in a balanced way.

  1. If your child doesn’t respect others feelings, the reason might be you always order them – not giving importance to their feelings.

Many parents usually impose their thoughts and feelings on the children. They also force the children to do everything exactly according what they want. How can children respect others feelings when their feelings are never be respected??? Giving importance to children’s feelings is a best way to contribute to building their independence.

  1. If your child is secretive, the reason is you blow things very big.

Your child is secretive because he / she feels nervous, scared if you blow her / his fault bigger. Your child will be more optimistic, introvert day by day and become difficult to integrate into the community. Gently consulting is a good solution in this situation.

  1. If the child behaves rudely. It is learnt from parents of others who are living with him / her.

Adult is the example for children follow. Any behaviors of parents or people who are living around them are examples for them to follow. So that, adults in general and parents in particular should always have to behave properly especially in front of children.

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11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part I)
11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part I)

11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part I)

Educating children is never is easy. Sometime parents make some mistakes that will cause a negative reaction of your children.

11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part I)
11 mistakes of parents which lead to bad expression of children (Part I)
  1. If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is because you are not physically affection enough

Children usually disturb their parents when they feel lonely, bored, scared, hungry…or even when they want to show their parents their achievement. Many parents usually react in a superficial way or even ignore it, this will let them down. Whenever your child disturbs you for any reason, you should spend time to listen to her / him and find the way to solve the problem. Pay your child proper attention is required of parents.

Part II: http://flatfeetshoesguide.com/11-mistakes-parents-lead-bad-expression-children-part-ii/

  1. If your child is lying, it means you overreacted to the mistakes in past

When parents overreacted to their children’s mistakes, it will make the children feel scared, nervous and they will lie to evade the punishment. Behaving properly even when your child makes mistakes and gently show her / him how to resolve the mistakes will help your child avoid this situation in future.

  1. If your child had poor self-esteem, it is because you advise them more than you encourage them.

Encouragement is an integral part of building self-confidence and independence of children. Excessive rigor is never good for children’s development.

  1. If your child does not stand up for themselves, it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public.

This will make your child become shy, pessimistic and limits your child’s achievements in the future.

  1. If you buy everything for your children still they take things that do not belong to them, it is because you don’t let them choose.

In future, your children will be must make some important choice. How can they know which choice is better if they never ever chosen anything before???? Sometimes you should let your children chose something that they like and control the consequences of that choices even it is good or bad. That will be your children’s valuable experience.

  1. If your child is a coward, it is because you help them too much and quickly, don’t remove every obstacle from their path

Overcoming difficulties by themselves is necessary for children to build their self-confidence, independence and practice them to solve problems in future. Sometimes you shouldn’t help your children too quickly, if not your children will be confused in next time and they will never know how to solve this problem.


Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby

As we known, pack and play is a kind of improved crib with new functionalities which bring comfort, convenience for your baby as well as yourself. Reading the following best pack and play reviews will help you understand more clearly about this new product line and maybe that you can buy an appropriate one. Nowadays, there are many kinds of pack and play that you can choose and Graco is an outstanding distributor. All of Graco’s pack and play have high quality, beautiful design and versatility when you want to use it in many different purposes. In addition, they also have reasonable price for each type.

Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby
Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby


  1. Advantages of having a suitable pack and play

The busy schedule of life in modern times makes parents be harder in taking care of the babies. Having a pack and play will help you resolve almost of problems which are related to baby taking care such as you can let you baby sleep alone in “safe side” while you doing some chores or build a “toy kingdom” in pack and play for your baby…

Best Suitable Pack and play
Best Suitable Pack and play
  1. How can purchase a suitable cheap pack and play

Today, there are many types of pack and play have being sold, the suitable pack and play for your baby is the one which can meet all your needs when using. For example, we have some types for toddler, some for traveling, some are big for becoming a playard when need…we will share you some criteria choosing an appropriate product.

  • The most important condition of a baby product is safety. You have to check all corners, bars, sheets…to ensure that they are safety for your baby.
  • The model is also important. The baby is very obstreperous when she is from 1 to 18 months old so you should choose the one with soft and smooth lines.
  • Material: plastic and wooden are main material of them. The plastic one is very lightweight, inexpensive and compact. The wooden one is lasting, beauty form, easy to reuse…
  • Conversions of function: there are many type of pack and play can be used in many different purposes such as infant bassinet, toddler playard…
  1. Some our types of best pack and play reviews

This type of pack and play brings your baby comfort wherever you go. It includes a special bassinet that can be fold up. In addition, it also comes with a detachable toy bar that can attracts your baby’s attention and keeps her engaged and amused. The most amazing thing is you can easy to move it between rooms because of exclusive push-button that allows you fold the pack and play for transport of storage.

Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby
Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby

This product is the best choice for infants to have lengthier and better sleep. As you know, the infants need to sleep 16-18 hours a day and the quality of sleep direct influence on the development of the baby. This type of pack and play includes a 2 level transportable bassinet which can adjust as baby grows, as the quilted bed mattress pad keeps baby comfy and cozy.

This type has lightweight style, is definitely wider at the base, so that it will give you expanding toddler a spacious play space. In addition, it is made to easily grow together with your baby, it adjusts to match the needs of your newborn to baby to toddler, for a long time of utilize.

We also have many other products, for more information about them, please contact us at http://packnplayguide.com/.

  1. Profit when buying our pack and play

  • Easy to handle: all of our products are very easy to use. You can fold them and place into any space in your vehicles when traveling or you can tie these bits and hang them when it is not in use.
  • Safety is guaranteed: all parts of every product are designed for ensures security for the baby. No sharp corners and materials are secured.
  • High quality
  • Comfortable: all of products are design for “softy for baby, lightweight and easy to use for parents”
  • Affordable price.

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5 ways to stimulate your baby’s senses for better development

You shouldn’t wait until your baby can sit or speak, you can begin to help her develop her senses even when she just was born. You can start to educate your baby just right 0 – 3 months old, in this period of time, you should mainly focus on teaching her develop her senses to prepare the premise to help her develop learning skills and acquire better in the future.

Teaching your baby develop her senses to prepare the premise to help her develop learning skills and acquire better in the future.
Teaching your baby develop her senses to prepare the premise to help her develop learning skills and acquire better in the future.

Realated post: Graco’s best pack and play – a special gift for your baby

1. Develop your baby’s visual skills

  • Add as much color in your baby’s room as possible: to help your baby develop vision, you should make a colorful space around her. In addition to hanging multi colored pictures, you can put some toys, colorful wooden blocks in her room and everywhere that she can easily see. You remember to choose the items with bright colors.
  • Black and white: continually in a week in the period from 0 – 1 month old, 3 minutes each day, you should let her look at the objects which are white and black. This way not only can help her develop vision but also helps her develop the ability to focus – one of the important factors for learning in the future.

2. Develop the hearing

During pregnancy and first period of your baby life, you should let her listen to music, especially classic music. As recommended by experts, listening to music early can help develop creativity and emotions of the baby. Therefore, you should let your baby listen to music for about 30 minutes a day, each time about 15 minutes.

When the baby’s listening to music, you can keep her on your knees and gently sway to the music. This gesture will help her form the habit of reflection and receiving the world around her. Besides the hours of music, you should spend more time to talk with her such as when bathing her or changing her diaper…

3. Develop the tactile

Just right when birth, the babies begin to remember and learn from everything that she can see and hear. Especially, the skin is the most sensitive part. So you should instead of wrapping her by composting or blanket and let her hands free to move and feel about surrounding environment. In addition, you should let her touch some items such as towels, toys, countertops…to stimulate her hands.

The skin is the most sensitive part of your baby’s body
The skin is the most sensitive part of your baby’s body

4. Develop the taste

In fact, according to experts, babies are often capable of “natural” about taste. Babies can distinguish sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and sour. However, during this period, in addition to breast milk, the baby is too young to be able to try to eat anything. Want your baby has the opportunity to taste many, you can wait until they are about 6 months old and started weaning period.

5. Help your baby develop the olfactory

You have not to be surprised when your baby can distinguish mother and father easily. Even when she is very small, she is able to distinguish different scents, so that she can recognize her mother through scent. You can let her smell different odors to remember and recognize more types of odors

Simple things that parents should do to the baby feel to be loved

The babies are very sensitive. They can feel the attitude of the people around them through daily small gestures. Just a hug, a kiss on the cheek every day, you have shown your baby your love.

Simple things that parents should do to the baby feel to be loved
Simple things that parents should do to the baby feel to be loved

1. Turn off your mobile phone

When all members of family come back home from work or school, you should turn off your mobile phone and pay all your attention to your baby. You should spend at least 1 hour from when all people first meet in the dinner. Your baby will feel be more concerned when you are no longer busy with phone calls or messages. She’ll certainly very excited to tell you about everything which happened at school.

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2. Turn off televisions and electronic devices during dinner time.

You shouldn’t let your baby watch intently on TV advertising or play mobile games during dinner time. It’s rare moment when all members of your family gather. Moreover, if you are talking excitedly, your baby will have better, more slowly eating habit and feel closer relationship.

3. Always going to sleep on time.

The babies enjoy the moment such as when you read a story before going to sleep. It’s a way to strengthen the love between parents and baby and help your baby develop her brain better. So, you should arrange everything to go to bed with your baby at a certain fixed time every day.

4. Gestures of love

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the gestures express tenderness, warmth very positive impact to the mind of the baby. Just a gentle hug or kiss every day, both of you and your baby will feel more cohesive. In addition, that gesture also reduces the potential for the baby having problems controlling behavior or social alienation.

5. Discipline with love

Nowadays, there are many parents believe that violence is an effective way to teach the baby and save time. However, the baby will gradually formed reflector resolve conflicts, disagreements with violence. The solutions for this situation is show your baby the love if she have done something properly.

6. Leave some funny pieces of message paper

You can leave a funny piece of message paper about a funny story or situation in real under the pillow that shows that your baby is always in your loving arms.

7. Always pay attention and listen to your baby

The best way to communicate with the baby is look into her eyes when speaking. She will feel that you are devoting all attention to her. Along with that, you should always listen to her and smile, she will gladly receive your presence whenever.

Best Shoes For Flat Feet – Make The Best Choice

People who suffer from various foot conditions that impair their ability to walk have a chance to overcome their troubles and enjoy life if they choose the right kind of footwear. Medical and technological progress made it possible to treat many problems that were considered incurable only a few decades ago. Finding the best shoes for flat feet or any other common foot condition won’t take you much time, but this step will change the quality of your life significantly.

There are quite a few companies that offer special kinds of shoes for people who suffer from these conditions. When shopping for these items, you need to pay attention to specifications of each model. Make sure that it fits the requirements of your condition.

Unlike over-the-counter shoe inserts one can find in many stores, specialized shoes will be able to provide every wearer with the maximum level of comfort. Shoes for flat feet and other deformities are created with the condition in mind, so every inch of the shoe will fit you perfectly. This means that you will be able to take up running should you desire to do so.

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Best Shoes for Flat Feet – Common Foot Issues

Flat Feet: Pes Planus

Flat feet is a deformity that occurs when the arch of the foot collapses. Over 20% of the general population suffers from this problem. The condition can be acquired, but in the vast majority of cases the arch simply does not develop properly.

Arch of the foot has a very important part to play in the body. It ensures that the vast majority of the strain from bearing weight is dissipated before the force of it can reach the bones in the leg and tight. The arch provides a springy connection between the ball and heel of the foot. In simple terms, it serves as a little shock absorber that protects your legs from overtaxing. The shoes for flat feet will artificially create this effect protecting your legs from the shock of walking.

There are two types of flat feet condition:

  • Rigid flat feet
    People suffering from this condition do not have even the slightest arch present in both sitting and standing positions.
  • Supple flat feet
    In this case, the arch is present when the person is sitting or standing on their toes. This condition is much easier to correct as it will only require specialized footwear.

As young children cannot identify the symptoms of this condition themselves, it becomes their caregivers’ duty to check their feet for any sign of the deformity. One may not be able to notice it right away in infants, because baby fat obscures the true shape of feet. The arch should be fully developed in early childhood. Even if it did not develop properly, purchasing trainers for flat feet for your child and teaching them the benefits of exercising will allow the body to adapt to the deformity.

People suffering from this condition have good chances of, at the very least, partial recovery. The rest can be compensated by wearing specialized footwear. Be sure to find the best shoes for flat feet when shopping for this particular item. In this case, quality is of essence, as your feet can be damaged further by inappropriate footwear. It’s especially important to purchase the very shoes for flat feet if you want to stay active in spite of the deformity.

Jogger’s Heel: Plantar Fasciitis

This is a rather painful disorder that can be characterized by inflammation, scarring or even complete structural breakdown of plantar fascia. In the vast majority of cases, the condition is caused by overuse of the mentioned body part. Thus, it mostly affects sportsmen, especially joggers and runners. Weight and age also play a part in its developing and aggravating.

Wearing inappropriate shoes for exercising is one of the reasons that cause this particular condition. You will need to choose specialized footwear for running, and if the problem has already developed, you should buy sneakers for plantar fasciitis you can find.

This condition is the major cause of heel pain, and millions of people suffer from it at some point in their lives. It is treatable and there are effective prevention measures one can take to protect themselves from the agony this disorder can cause.

Bear in mind that lack of exercise can lead to this condition as much as overusing your feet with too intensive workouts. This means that limiting your physical activity level will not protect you. On the contrary, this can cause more serious health problems in the long run.

Planar fasciitis can be treated quickly and efficiently. In general, the condition is not particularly dangerous. It can even heal on its own if given time. In case the pain makes it difficult to ignore, specialized treatment procedures should be initiated. If you manage to find the shoes for plantar fasciitis, you may not even need to disrupt your training routine while treating this disorder.

High Arches: Cavus Foot

The opposite condition to flat foot is cavus foot. In this case, the arch is too high. This leads to an excessive amount of weight to be placed on the ball and heel of the foot. This usually causes pain, difficulties with maintaining balance when walking and several other unpleasant issues. The condition can be developed at any age and is usually caused by various neurologic disorders. In a few cases, the deformity may be genetic.

The treatment of the condition directly depends on its cause. If the reason behind it is another disorder, it must be addressed first. It may be sufficient to cure the original problem. In case the deformity cannot be fixed, removing the underlying reason will prevent it from deteriorating any further.

You will still be able to enjoy everyday activities if you wear the right footwear. Bear in mind that you will need to find the best running shoes for high arches if you want to practice jogging. Any other ones will present too much risk and can lead to a severe trauma. A truly good specialized piece of footwear will be able to not only allow you to run comfortably, but will gradually improve your feet condition. This is one of the most effective passive treatment tools for this kind of problems. You also need to understand that in this case quality is the most important factor, so you really need to find the very shoes for high arches.

In some cases, the patient may be suggested to undergo surgery. Please note that if the original condition that causes the deformity cannot be treated, you may need to repeat the surgery several times. In this case, you should focus on finding ways to slow down the progress of the neurological disorder. You may also choose not to undergo the surgery, as its efficiency will be limited.

How to Protect Your Feet When Standing All Day

Today many people have to spend all day standing or running around because of their jobs. This can lead them to developing some serious feet conditions that may deal permanent damage and even cause disability. As changing jobs is usually not an option, those who find themselves in this situation, must employ different preventative methods to protect their health.

The most common problems that develop when a person takes up a job that demands them to stand all day are:

  • Soreness
  • Swollen feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower back pain

Buying the shoes for standing all day will not be enough to protect your body from the risk of serious feet damage. However, this is an essential preventative measure. This kind of footwear will reduce the pressure on your feet and will make other methods you can use more effective.

When choosing footwear, you need to pay extra attention to its quality and size. The best pieces will definitely be expensive, but it will be a wise investment on your part. Also, you may need to purchase shoes that are about a size bigger than the ones you usually wear. This way, even if your feet swell by the end of the day, blood circulation won’t be severely affected.

Some other helpful tips for people who have to spend their days standing are:

  • Wear knee high socks or stockings to reduce swelling. Make sure to pick the socks with light compression as they won’t cut down the blood flow.
  • Do not spend all your time standing in one position. If your job prevents sitting in general, try alternating between standing and walking. Every time you have a break, allow yourself a couple of minutes to rest your feet, preferably while keeping them elevated on a chair or table.
  • Exercise during breaks. A few simple stretches will help you improve blood circulation. You can also give your feet and calves a light massage if you get a chance to rest them for a while.
    You should also make a habit of massaging your legs and feet every day after work. Doing this right before going to sleep will be most efficient.
  • In case you have to spend a lot of time standing in one place, try to make it as comfortable as possible. Lay a piece of rug or a special mat at that particular spot. If you cannot do this in the front of the store or office, set up a special “relaxation” area in the corner and go there when there are no customers for you to work with. Combined with wearing the best shoes for standing all day, a specialized anti-stress mat will do wonders to your feet.

Spare A Thought for The Nurses

Being a nurse must surely be one of the most demanding professions to pursue and will definately takes it’s toll on your feet if proper care and thought has not gone into it. There are a number of options and in our article we expore the best shoes for nurses and give a detailed review of the options available.

Keep Your Feet Healthy

There are some factors that can either increase or reduce the risk of you developing various nasty feet problems. You will need to understand them in order to ensure that you protect your health as well as possible.

Wearing poor-fitting shoes is a major problem that can lead you to developing some very serious foot conditions. At the very least, this will cause a great deal of pain to your legs and feet. Be very careful when trying on various pieces. Every pair of shoes you purchase must fit you perfectly. If you have flat feet or some other feet condition, you must find the best shoes for flat feet. Buying anything else will only worsen your condition and cause you a great deal of pain. These shoes can be found in some specialized stores.

One of the most important health conditions that increase this risk exponentially is obesity. Being overweight is dangerous in general as every extra pound increases your chances to develop a plethora of serious health problems. The most severe of them can lead to permanent disability. Therefore, losing excess weight should be your primary objective.

Pregnant women often suffer from swollen and aching feet. It may be easy to overlook the symptoms of some more serious condition because of pregnancy. In order to make sure this does not happen, you will need to consult an experienced orthopedist if the swelling and soreness persist. Please note that overtly flexible shoes that may seem comfy will only cause more soreness. Future mothers should look for footwear designed especially for pregnant women.

People suffering from diabetes are considered a high-risk group for the vast majority of feet diseases. Apart from deformities and planar fasciitis, they can also suffer from blood circulation disorders. Getting even a small scratch or blister can turn into a nasty sore that may get infected. Diabetes makes it extremely difficult to heal these kinds of problems, so you must do everything within your power to avoid them. Buying a high quality well-fitting shoes will be a great help. Make sure that the material the footwear is made of is soft and that the seams won’t chafe your feet. If you are looking for sandals, choose the models that will reduce the risk of your feet being damaged by a stray pebble.

You also shouldn’t forget that some health conditions, like cardiovascular disease, can cause various feet problems. In this case, you will need to focus on treating the original condition, as the symptoms will return as long as the disease is not cured. The only things you will be able to do to reduce the strain on your feet are wearing appropriate shoes and performing some light exercises to improve blood circulation. If the symptoms get more severe, you can visit a chiropractor or a masseuse.

Patients suffering from arthritis will require specialized medication to strengthen their ligaments, joints and bones. Pain and deformation are unavoidable in this case, but with proper treatment, you may be able to alleviate the most painful symptoms and slow down the disease.

Do not forget that regardless of the condition you suffer from, leading a healthy lifestyle will always make it easier for your body to fight the disease. We hope you have found our post on the best shoes for flat feet helpful.

What Are The Best Shoes for Nurses?

We explore the best shoes for nurses in this article and hope it is of some value to you if you are in the nursing profession. Nursing is an interesting and rewarding profession but can be stressful and physically demanding. Nurses work shifts of from eight to twelve hours long, and they are on their feet for most of that time. As a nurse on a ward, you may walk up to seven miles during a busy shift, and if your feet hurt, it will feel like many more! Poorly fitting shoes can pose a safety risk while bad posture caused by wearing the wrong shoes can also lead to long-term problems in the feet, legs and back.

Shoes for nurses should be comfortable, supportive, protective, non-slip and easy to clean – quite a lot to ask of one pair of shoes! However, it is important to get the best-fitting shoes possible. Wearing the correct footwear can make a huge difference to a nurse’s long-term health, while wearing the wrong ones can lead to injuries and health problems, such as arthritis and slipped discs that can shorten a nursing career. Even if you do not suffer from any aches and pains, a good pair of nursing shoes will reduce stress on your feet.

Visit our best nursing shoes for women page

Title Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On 7 B(M) US White/Navy Lightweight Comfort Clog/Nursing Clog (Women’s Whole Sizes 6-11) (6 B(M) US, White) Women’s Lightweight Comfortable Nurse / Nursing Clogs (7, WHITE) Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker, White, 9.5 M
Brand Nurse Mates Marcus Uniforms Natural Uniforms Skechers
Color White / Navy White White White
Feature Women’s Lightweight and flexible strapless closed heel comfort clog
By Marcus Uniforms
Available in Black and White
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Women’s Sizes
flexible and comfortable
Great for nurses and other medical professionals
Slip-on sneaker with polished hardware and cushioned tongue and collar
Supportive sole
Cushioned footbed
ListPrice $70.00 $. $16.99 $59.95
Manufacturer NurseMates Natural Uniforms 6pm SKECHERS Sport Footwear Womens
Product prices and availability are accurate as of Jan 31 21:18:23 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Shoe Types That Are Suitable For Nurses:


The Lace-up Oxford Classic Shoe

This classic shoe is an excellent all-rounder that is approved for wear in many different healthcare settings. Lace-up styles offer you a personalized fit that you can adjust as necessary during your shift by loosening or tightening the laces. This is very important, as your feet will swell after you have been standing for several hours. Try to buy shoes made from leather, as your feet will sweat during a long shift and leather allows moisture to evaporate more freely than synthetic materials. Leather also protects your feet from spills and can be cleaned easily. Do not buy shoes made of suede, as spills will soak in and be impossible to remove.

Trainers For All Day Support

Trainers and sports shoes may be approved for wear in community and in care homes. They are well cushioned, comfortable, lightweight and protective. However, they can be difficult to clean, and may not be appropriate for wearing as part of a uniform.

A Trusty Old Pair Of Crocs

When Crocs first came out, they were very popular with nurses, as they are very comfortable, cool and cheap. However, many Health Service trusts no longer allow them to be worn for work. This is mainly because Crocs and other backless shoes do not provide a stable base when you are carrying out manual handling techniques. Some nurses still choose to wear them when manual handling is not part of their job.

Clogs For The Theatre

Theatre staff may wear clogs made from rubber, as they are the form of footwear that is most protective against bio-hazardous and chemical spillages. They are very easy to scrub clean. If you are going to be working in theatre, special footwear should be issued as part of your uniform.

The Best Shoes For Nurses To Treat Common Foot Problems

Many nurses have problems with their feet that can make it difficult to find shoes to suit their needs. Everyone’s feet are unique and it is best to choose shoes after trying on several different styles.
• Wide feet
Some people are born with wide feet while others find their feet become wider as they get older. If you have wide feet, look for nursing shoes that are constructed on a wider footbed. Clogs are a good choice, as they are naturally a wider fitting shoe. Choose clogs with a heel strap to provide stability. Some brands are designed for wider feet and while they have plenty of room for the toes they look just like normal shoes. Other styles come in two width fittings, and if you find a style you like it is always worth asking if it is available in a wider measurement.
• Painful knees
Painful knees often arise from bad posture, problems with the arches of the feet and being overweight. If you suffer from painful knees, you should look for shoes with good arch support. High top shoes with extra support for the ankles are a good choice. Choose styles with a small heel, as shoes that are completely flat such as sneakers and ballet pumps are not good for your posture when worn for long periods. If your knee problems do not improve, you should consult a doctor as they may be caused by underlying conditions.
• Flat feet
People with flat feet have very low or no arches to their feet. This may be something you are born with, or it can develop from injury, repeated stress and obesity. It can lead to painful feet, but by choosing shoes carefully, you can do much to alleviate the problem. People with flat feet should consult a podiatrist or chiropodist, who will suggest the best type of orthotic inserts. These can be worn inside the shoes to provide support for the arches, and when buying shoes you should try them with the inserts in place.
• High arches
People who are born with high arches often develop painful feet, especially if they work in a job, like nursing, where they are on their feet all day. Orthotic inserts and customised insoles to relieve pressure and provide support are recommended for high arches. Slip-on styles are not recommended unless they can be worn with an orthotic insert. Some people with high arches find that lace-up styles are best as the lacing can be adjusted to adjust the pressure on their feet.
• Low Back Pain
Low back pain is a very common problem for nurses, and not wearing the right footwear can make the problem worse. If you suffer from low back pain, look for shoes with plenty of cushioning and sturdy soles that will provide stable support.

Nurses new to the profession often fail to realise how important footwear is to the success of their career. A good way of finding the best shoes for nurses where you will be working is to ask your more senior colleagues for advice.
Good quality shoes are not cheap, but investing in comfortable and safe footwear is one of the most important things you can do to avoid pain and injury that could cut short your working life.

What Are The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet?

Flat foot is a condition whereby the arch of one’s feet crumples leaving the entire sole to come into contact with the ground. Many people find it hard to get the best running shoes for flat feet. If one has flat feet, it is important to consider shopping for shoes that have support like flip-flops, high heels and also sandals. Such shoes do not give the arch any form of lift, and thus are the best to choose for flat feet. People who have flat feet usually tend to turn their ankle inside while running.

This creates much stress on the feet, knees and ankles thus causing various injuries. It is therefore, wise to choose shoes with stability control, so as to correct the pronation. These shoes can be found in various shoe brands in the market such as New Balance and Brooks. While choosing shoes for flat feet, it is important to ask for assistance from professionals who are based on that. This is because; they will be sure about the type of shoe that you want for your feet.

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To avoid pronator, motion control shoes are also very necessary. This is because they usually offer additional support to your feet, keeping the ankle straight while moving forward. They are the best for running and especially for people with flat feet. Motion control shoes usually have medial post of dual density form. It is so easy to recognize such kind of shoes because they usually have darker piece of foam, which is almost grey in colour, found in the inside of the mid sole. With this kind of shoes, running is usually made easy for the people with flat feet. You can easily get these types of shoes from well known shoe brands worldwide, and in various outlets. Always ensure that you ask for assistance from a professional before choosing which type of shoe to buy when you enter any store.

Our interactive chart below covers both running shoes for men and woman. The separate tables can be found at best running shoes for flat feet men and also at the best running shoes for flat feet woman.

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Image Make & Model Price Rating Reviews
Good running shoes for flat feet ASICS Men’s GEL-Lyte33 2 $45.00 – $95.00 4.6 130
Best running shoes for women with flat feet ASICS Women’s GEL-Lyte33 2 $43.99 – $99.99 4.3 165
Best running shoes for flat feet men New Balance Men’s M890v2 Neutral $99.00 – $110.00 4.2 262
Best running shoes for women with flat feet Saucony Women’s Progrid Kinvara 3 $69.98 – $99.99 4.3 298
Best running shoes for flat feet men Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara 3 $60.00 – $129.99 4.5 425
Running shoes for flat feet women New Balance Women’s W890v2 Neutral $99.95 – $110.00 4.3 176
Running shoes for flat feet men Merrell Men’s Bare Access 2 Minimal $73.00 – $110.00 4.4 161
Running shoes for flat feet women Brooks Women’s Ariel ’12 $97.10 – $147.00 4.4 57
Running shoes for flat feet men Brooks Men’s Beast $120.00 4.6 54
Running shoes for flat feet women Mizuno Women’s Wave Alchemy 12 $114.95 4.5 59
Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12 $114.95 4.5 63
ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 19 $89.80 – $160.00 4.7 770
Saucony Men’s Hurricane 15 $69.98 – $149.99 4.4 119
Reebok Men’s Ziglite $47.99 – $99.99 4.5 88

Three of the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat Feet and Your Active Lifestyle

Stand up, look down and feel your feet. If you cannot feel that there is an arch on the inside of your feet and if the entire sole of your foot completely touches the floor, then, you may have flat fleet. The bad news is that if you want to have an active lifestyle, flat feet can cause pain after a rigorous workout or after spending time running around the track.

The pain is due to a slight misalignment of your legs. Pain is usually felt in the heel or arch area. But there is good news for athletes, especially serious runners. Shoe companies are manufacturing shoes for this type of need. The following are some of the best running shoes for flat feet.

Brooks Ravenna 4

The Ravenna 4 falls under the category of stability shoes and manufactured with flat-footed people in mind. This shoe is one of the best in the world because of good stability and great heel cushioning.

“The Brooks Ravenna 4 is easily the best running shoe I’ve ever owned. I bought it based on the positive review from Runner’s World magazine. The heel is soft, which I need to avoid injuries while running 36 miles a week.

The arch and stability are good enough that I don’t need to wear an insert to help with my flat feet. Excellent for 10-mile plus training runs. The shoe so light that I run more effortlessly with them. Recently wore them while averaging sub-8 per mile in a half marathon.”

Asics GT-2000 For Excellent Support

The Asics brand is world-renowned for creating amazing running shoes. The company has invested heavily in the research and development of footwear for this type of activity. The Asics GT-2000 provides excellent support. This shoe received favourable remarks from flat-footed runners. But this model was not created solely for people with arch problems, it was also created for runners who are looking for extra padding and therefore better stability. As a result, the Asics GT-2000 is recommended for people with only mild over-pronation and not for those with more serious flat feet problems.

“Love the shoes they feel nice and light with a lot of spring to them, The soles also felt weird in some spots at first but moulded quickly to my foot with no issues.”

Saucony Guide 7

Saving the best for last, the Saucony Guide 7 scores high marks in terms of forefoot comfort, stability, and flexibility. It is a top-of-the line supportive running shoe. It helps to stabilize feet while running but it is not rigid. Its flexibility coupled with high-performance is the reason why it is one of the best running shoes for flat-footed running enthusiasts. However, it is one of the most expensive shoes in the market.

“I’m training for my first marathon. I have another pair of Saucony and a pair of brooks that I alternate through. These will be my race shoes! I love them. They are very comfortable, the color is awesome and the perfect amount of stability for me.”

Tips For Choosing The Best Running Shoes


A flat feet is a postural deformity in which the arch of the foot collapses with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the surface. Individuals with flat feet makes contact with a much larger portion of the sole of the foot a condition known as over pronation. This condition shifts the body weight to the inside and applies undue stress to the ligaments of the hips and knees.Extra care should be emphasized when selecting the shoes that offer wonderful comfort and effective fit for individuals with flat feet. A good running shoe for flat feet should be selected in such a manner it will be of good use in providing good support to middle region of feet.

To minimize the possibility of over pronation that can cause too much stress and injury, flat feet need some kind of motion control shoes that have firm mid soles in order to give full support to the feet.This shoes are designed not to correct the walking style nor for the foot structure to change but rather to work with the running style that it will help the flat foot person run with comfort and ease. The best running shoes for flat feet runners should have good support as the mid-sole of a flat person are a bit collapsed and need something that will absorb the shock.

The rear portion of the shoe should be adequately firm and provide good rigidness that help in increasing the stability when running. Its advisable to twist and squeeze the shoe to make sure that the shoe is made up of firm rear portion and ensure the mid sole of the shoe is also firm since this will also be a vital factor to obtain strong stability.

It is really imperative to choose the best running shoes as running should be for fun and good health rather than pain and injury.

How Does This Condition Affect Me?

A person’s arch of a foot is broadly composed of tarsals and metatarsals. Of course the two are joined by strong tendons and ligaments that ensure that a foot is comfortable enough to carry out the needs that it is needed to do. Incidentally the vertical height of the arch is what determines the type of a person’s feet. A person said to have flat feet has the arch resting completely and entirely on the ground.

The arch is the body’s shock absorption system, and in that case it ensures that a person’s body weight is well supported by transferring the necessary signals of weight and acceleration to the knees and ankles for compensation and support. Athletes who have the flat feet need to take a keen approach when selecting running shoes for flat feet because such persons need extra care when it comes to their body weight balance, especially when they are in motion like a race or something of that kind. The delicate kind of compensation that needs to occur at the ankles and knees in order to support the person’s body weight simply means that the shoes selected need to be the best running shoes for flat feet out there.

It is important to get that right so as to alleviate pain and injuries that may arise when such a person is involved in competitive sports and so on. Such shoes that aid a person’s stability and motion include Brooks Ravenna 4, Saucony guide 7, Asics gel gt-2000 2 and Mizuno wave inspire 10. These are some of the shoes that are good for runners with flat feet as they support the athletes, help them to be stable as well as guarantee better motion control. We trust you were able to find the best running shoes for flat feet with the information provided here. Back to Home Page.

Guide to Finding the Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Are your feet suffering from heel pain while running? If yes, you need the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Stiffness in the bottom of the heel is the common symptom of the plantar fascia which could affect both heals but is most commonly found in just the one foot.

The plantar fasciitis naturally does not stretch so that it will protect the physical tension of your feet. If the plantar fasciitis is, being stretch excessively it will cause for a painful heel which will limit your ability to run and even walk. If you stretch out your plantar fascia prior to running or any exercise, it will not heal the heel condition, but instead could lead to severe strains or worst it may harm your feet.

We have divided the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis into three main categories based on the conditions main causes:

1) GO TO ~ Caused By Flat-Feet And Over Pronation
2) GO TO ~ Caused By Caused by High Arches and Supination
3) GO TO ~ Caused By Excessive Weight, Tight Tendons or Over Worked Plantar Fascia

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Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis?

The primary cause of this heel condition is as a result of severe strain from the ligament that supports the arch of the foot. If the plantar fascia suffers from severe strain, it will weaken, resulting in swelling of the ankle and furthermore the ankle can get irritated or inflamed. That is why you could experience pain and discomfort while walking and running.

One of the main causes of plantar fasciitis is because of  a persons age. Ages 40 – 70 are most commonly prone to this illness. After losing its resistance, the thick fat padding of the sole becomes more inclined to injuries after a long workout, like running or walking. If this is the situation, it causes swelling and heel pain.

The bottom of the heel is the main area where plantar fasciitis occurs. Plantar fascia is the thin ligament that connects the heel to the front of the foot that serves as the supports of the arch in the foot. People who is overweight or obese are prone to plantar fasciitis. This is due to the increased pressure on the plantar fascia. Pregnant women are also prone to suffer from plantar fasciitis. If you are a runner, you may suffer from severe plantar fasciitis problems.

The plantar fasciitis is most commonly caused by:

– Flat feet and overpronation

– High arches and supination

– Excessive weight, Tight tendons or over worked plantar fascia

Flat feet and overpronation:

–          If under this circumstance, it results to an arch collapsing due to weight. Improper fitting footwear for flat feet is one of the leading causes of plantar fasciitis. The bottom of the foot usually feels the pain.

Image Make & Model Price Rating Reviews
ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 (Men) $90.90 – $160.00 4.7 790
ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 (Women) $83.99 – $199.99 4.7 1087
Brooks Ariel 12 (Women) $97.10 – $140.00 4.5 65
Brooks Beast 12 (Men) $128.35 – $160.00 4.4 129
New Balance 940v2 (Women) $109.95 – $129.99 4.6 36
New Balance 940v2 (Men) $109.95 – $119.99 4.6 33

High Arches and Supination:

–          Supination is the opposite of pronation. The main cause of supination is genetics. It is generally born with this defect.

–          The next one is due to the position of the feet in the uterus while developing.

Image Make & Model Price Rating Reviews
ASICS GEL-Kinsei 4 (Men) $99.90 – $250.00 4.7 250
ASICS GEL-Kinsei 4 (Women) $120.00 – $220.00 4.6 201
Brooks Ghost 6 (Men) $85.83 – $119.99 4.5 78
Brooks Ghost 6 (Women) $86.99 – $130.00 4.5 56
Saucony Triumph 10 (Men) $49.95 – $119.99 4.5 135
Saucony Triumph 10 (Women) $59.98 – $198.64 4.6 138

Excessive weight, Tight Tendons or Over Worked Plantar Fascia:

–          The main cause of plantar fasciitis for excessive weight is that overweight or obesity.

–          The mechanical balances of the foot.

–          If you wear too tight shoes, it may cause to plantar fasciitis.

–          It can be cause by over work so make sure that your feet must be relaxed for a while.

–          Standing or running for a long period of time may lead to plantar fasciitis.

Image Make & Model Price Rating Reviews
Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 (Men) $114.95 – $129.00 4.5 63
Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 (Women) $114.95 4.5 59
ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15 (Men) $74.97 – $199.99 4.6 478
ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15 (Women) $78.80 – $149.00 4.4 609
ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 (Men) ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 (Men) $90.96 – $164.99 4.7 792
ASICS Gel-Kayano 19 (Women) $86.95 – $199.99 4.7 1090

What are things that can eliminate plantar fasciitis?

–          You must avoid walking or running on hard surfaces

–          Take a short steps while walking

–          If possible, avoid running for a long mile

–          Stretch your calf muscles

–          Use the perfect footwear that fits to you

–          You can also take painkillers medications

–          You can also take steroid injections to relieve the pain

These things can help you eliminate pain if plantar fasciitis occurs.

When the plantar fasciitis takes place, the pain is naturally sharp and sometimes one-sided pain. The tendency of having flat feet is the extremely roll inward while taking a run or a walk that causes plantar fasciitis. It is advisable to wear running shoes for those with plantar fasciitis.

If you are suffering from pain and you cannot take it anymore, it is necessary that you consult a doctor for your plantar fascia, especially if you are an athlete. You cannot concentrate on what you are doing if you have a painful heel. Having the right running shoes for plantar fasciitis will truly help you to get ease from pain. It will relax your muscles and you can focus on what you are doing.

If your heel is suffering from too much pain because of your running shoes, you must wear the perfect running shoe for you. When your plantar fasciitis occurs in your plantar fascia, don’t stretch your feet extremely because it will not calm down the pain. The running shoe for plantar fasciitis is one of the best ways to choose from to relieve the inconvenient feeling that you have.

Some people with plantar fasciitis suffer pain on their first steps after they woke up or after they have sit for a long period of time. The pain will just occur in a short time but it will hurt more if you continue walking or running. With the perfect running shoes for plantar fasciitis, the pain may be lessened allowing you to have a long run without any painful heels.

If you have a plantar fasciitis yet you love to run and you just cannot set it aside, then you must look for the perfect running shoes for you. If you wear shoes that will not control your plantar fasciitis, it may cause an accident, so it is better to have the right and the best running shoes for you.

Many companies sell different types of running shoes for plantar fasciitis. The company will surely give you the best running shoes for your plantar fascia. The shoe is made up with high quality materials that is why it is the exact shoe for those people with plantar fasciitis.

If you love to run, but you are suffering from painful heel, you must look for the perfect running shoes for you.  When you choose the good and the finest running shoes for plantar fasciitis, ensure that it must have a firm heel contours with flexible toe-box and a rigid midsole.

If your heel is suffering from too much pain because of your running shoes, you must wear the perfect shoes for you. It is necessary to have running shoes for plantar fasciitis especially if you are having a painful heel while running. Searching for the good shoes for plantar fasciitis will truly help your plantar fascia to be comfortable.

Having the finest running shoes for plantar fasciitis is truly amazing. It will lessen the pain and give a satisfactory feeling to you. If you are a runner, but you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, search for the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis so that you can continue your hobby with much ease and convenience. Back to Home Page.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day – Shorten The Day

Millions of people today put their health at risk working at jobs that require them to spend all day standing. As it is often impossible for a person to find another employment, they have to learn how to minimize the damage this kind of job does to their overall wellbeing.

The most efficient way to prevent foot problems and other ailments that can develop from standing for hours on end is wearing the right kind of footwear. Today you can find some specialized shoes that will help your feet feel as comfortable as possible at the end of your shift. You should always seek the best shoes for standing all day, as anything less will be a waste of money. Only specifically designed footwear can protect your body from the damage this kind of job can deal.

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Common Issues If You have not Invested In the Best Shoes For Standing All Day

The problems a person can develop from standing all day are:

  • Pain in your feet and ankles
    Pain is the most troublesome symptom that occurs from standing for a long time. Relieving it will be more difficult with every passing hour. Painkillers won’t be of any use in this case.
  • Swelling
    This symptom in itself is not particularly dangerous. However, if you choose unfitting shoes, your blood circulation may be disrupted when your feet swell. This will exacerbate the problem and can damage your blood vessels in the long run.
  • Joint damage
    Standing all day can deal serious damage to your joints, because the pressure on them increases. This can lead to rheumatoid arthritis and other joint problems.
  • Pregnancy problems
    When you stand, your internal organs put pressure on one another due to the force of gravity. This means that your reproductive system suffers the most. This can cause serious problems with this part of your body. Difficulty with getting pregnant is one of them.

The hazards of jobs that require people to stand for hours are real and very serious. This is why you have to buy the best shoes for standing all day. This is your only chance to prevent all these problems and reduce the amount of foot pain you will undoubtedly experience in any other kind of footwear.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day Comparison Table – Men

Make & Model Reviews Price Customer Rating
Reebok Cushion 2.0

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27 $ 4
Reebok Work Cushion

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364 $ 3.8
Saucony Grid Omni

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214 $$ 4.3
Brooks Addiction Walker

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409 $$$ 4.5
Crocs Tummler Work

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172 $$ 4.1
Clarks Un.Ravel Casual

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243 $$$ 4.6

Bear in mind that even comfortable shoes you love very much are not good enough to wear on this job. The best shoes for standing all day are designed in a special way that allows them to reduce the pressure on your feet and legs. They are not only comfortable but also orthopedically correct and efficient.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day Woman – Comparison Table

Make & Model Reviews Price Customer Reviews
Timberland Renova Slip-On

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189 $$ 4.2
Timberland Renova Caregiver’s Clog

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29 $ 4.3
Skechers Soft Stride

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571 $$ 4.3
Crocs Neria Work

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305 $ 3.7
Skechers Compulsions Indulgent

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243 $ 4.1

Tips on How to Avoid Foot Problems When Standing All Day

If you already have the right kind of footwear for this job, you can use the following tips to make the hours spent at work less stressful for your body.

  • Move as much as possible.
    If your job allows it, walk from time to time. Even a short “trip” from one end of the office to another will be a huge help to your feet.
    In case you cannot walk around while at work, you will need to move right where you stand. Shift from one foot to another and stay in this position for several minutes. The point of this mini-exercise is to let one leg relax a bit.
    Lift one foot off the floor and slowly rotate your ankle, then repeat with another foot.
    Take off your shoes and raise yourself on tip toe. After you come back down, wiggle your toes for a bit and flex each foot.
  • Wear high quality knee socks.
    The situation with socks is the same as with the shoes. Quality is essential for the protection of your feet. Good socks for standing all day should be thick and made of cotton. They will add another layer of cushioning for your feet.
    Cotton is a natural material that will allow your feet to “breathe” and will quickly absorb any moisture preventing the occurrence of athlete’s foot. If you work a long shift, bring two pairs of socks and change them halfway.
    Do not wear socks that are too tight.
  • Bring a rug or an anti-fatigue mat.
    Ask your employer to place a specialized anti-fatigue mat or at least a rug at the place where you have to stand. This is especially important if your office has a concrete floor.
  • Elevate your feet.
    During breaks, you should prop your feet onto something to elevate them above the level of your hips. This will reduce the swelling. Even a few minutes spent in this position will be very helpful.

When shopping for the best shoes for standing all day, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • The heel of the shoe must be firmly fixed and remain static when you walk.
  • The side of the shoe must fit perfectly.
  • There should be enough room for you to wiggle your toes within the shoe. The space available should be about the width of your thumb.

Give your feet a nice massage when you come back home. You deserve the little pleasure! Back to home page.